Getting a copy of your credit reference report, from Veda

In Australia, if you’ve ever applied for credit, or by the looks of it – even applied to rent a property, there will be a record of it stored by Credit Reference Australia Credit Advantage Baycorp Advantage Veda Advantage.  You and the 14.5 million of Australian’s in Veda’s database.
(For USA citizens, see here)

Yes, Veda Advantage has had a few name changes.  No, I don’t know why.

There’s a couple of reasons why you want a copy of your credit reference:

  • because you are curious about what’s in it.
  • to see who has been looking at your file.
    this could be useful to see if anyone is impersonating you (aka identity fraud).
  • to see if there are any wrong details.  The sort of details which could be preventing you from getting credit.

Your credit reference report will include the following details:

  • places you’ve lived at.
  • places you’re applied for credit.
  • any overdue, or unpaid, bills/payments that a credit provider has listed on your file.

You can get your credit reference report by:

  • giving Veda some money (eekkk!), or
  • writing a letter to them requesting a copy (free except for the stamp or the fax call).

But I’ll make it even easier for you.  Here is a sample letter from me, in Microsoft Word 97 and later format, for you to use.

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