Customer reported an issue with some voice recording software, and our on-site support staff looked at it.

Can’t find DLL

And they escalated the call to me.

Finally agreed a time with the customer for me to look at the problem.


So I started up Process Monitor (ProcMon) to see what was actually going on.

And the computer rebooted.  This isn’t supposed to happen under Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Must have been a power glitch.

Started up ProcMon again.  Reboot.

Sometimes it’s easier to rebuild a system, compared to spending hours on a problem, which the end solution is to rebuild anyway.  Wasted time for the customer, and less importantly, us IT people.

So the customer is going to get their computer rebuilt next week.  We’ll replace the user’s LCD monitor at the same time.  As the LCD monitor has a case of “CRT Burn”.

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