Australia (the film)

Busty photo of Nicole Kidmin from Australia Film Some things I like and dislike about Australia (the film)


  • Over-promoted to heck and back.
    You just know it’s gotta be a dog of film with this much promotion.
  • It’s too long at three hours.
    A three-hour click flick, ummm, no thanks.
  • Baz Luhrman?!?
    What has Baz actually done of note, and more-importantly, box office success?
    Strictly Ballroom, 12 Million USD
    Romeo and Juliet, 46 Million USD
    Moulin Rouge, 57 Million USD
    Australia, ???
    So, Moulin Rouge has been his only successful film to date.


  • Does not have Russell Crowe
    Baz made a wise decision dropping our “Russ” from the role.
  • Darwin Bombings
    People will learn about the Darwin Bombings.
  • Nicole Kidman
    Nicole has gone from an ironing-board figure, to a figure with substance.

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