Cat playing with TV cables "WAIT!  I'll fix it" The Three Laws Of Consulting, via Alik Levin’s MSDN BLog

  1. “In spite of what your client may tell you, there’s always a problem.”
  2. “No Matter how it looks at first, it’s always a people problem.”
  3. “Never forget they’re paying you by the hour, not by the solution”.


Stop stealing my blog posts…..

There has been some discussion recently on some DL’s here at Microsoft about sites that re-post blog posts without permission. I will call it what it is which is the theft of copyrighted materials for the purpose of monetary gain. I don’t like saying copyrighted because copyrights get a bad rap these days depending on who you speak to, but from the perspective that *I* sat down and *I* wrote the blog post, the work does belong to me.
Stop stealing my blog posts (Chris E. Avis)

This sort of thing REALLY annoys me.
I wrote about ideas theft here: “I came up with it all by myself.” – on theft of ideas in corporate life

Five Tibetan Rituals

How to get my job – the secret of becoming a professional writer, by Jerry Pournelle

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