The current Blackberry fleet I support. I’ve railed against the curse of BlackBerry’s before. Particularly Kimberley Reid and her

All the cool people in gate lounges used to have sleek wireless laptops, but now they’re dags.  If you don’t have a BlackBerry, you’re zero.


Now that I support BlackBerries, I’ve had a rethink.  Speaking with some of our customers, they say things like:

When I’m travelling overseas, it allows me to target issues as they occur.  Which reduces my stress levels.

It allows me to keep in contact with my staff while I’m away.

While I’m away from desk, I can tidy up my email inbox, so I have my outstanding emails when I get to my desk.

Don’t need to carry a laptop to use email anymore.

I still think it erodes work/life balance for these users.  But for these “Road Warriors”, they would be doing work regardless.  BlackBerry just makes them more efficient.

And keeps me in a job 🙂

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