1. Search a particular site.
    To search a particular site, use the site parameter.
    Google search for: kbqfe vista site:support.microsoft.com
    will search the Microsoft Knowledge Base, for articles about Vista and KBQFE.
    (KBQFE stands for Knowledge Base, Quick Fix Engineering.  ie. a bug fix!)
  2. What time is it, Google?
    So you want to know the time, in say, Melbourne?
    Google search for: What time is it in Melbourne
  3. Image search.
    You know of a thing, but don’t know what it looks like, try an image search in the regular Google web search box.
    Google search for: image grapefruit.
    (no, I can’t explain the cat either)
  4. Currency conversion
    Google search for: 10 australian dollars in uk money 

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