History of Transport mural, by Harold Freedman The train cafeteria at Spencer Street Station used to have this wonderful mural, painted by Harold Freedman, called the Cavalcade of Transport.  Cheap food and drinks at the cafeteria as well.  The cafeteria catered for the departing and arriving country train passengers.

It was popular, as you wouldn’t want to buy food on the actual train, because the VicRail folks used the pricing principle called “cost + 100%”.  So the smart punter would fill themselves up at the train cafeteria.

The mural has been restored and can be found at the far end of DFO Southern Cross.  The photo was taken from the viewing platform.

About the mural:

  • was painted in five sub-sections, at the East Camberwell substation.
  • measures 100 x 22 feet.
  • unveiled 30 January 1978
  • removed in 2004, to allow for the Spencer Street station redevelopment
  • unveiled to the public again on the 16 April 2007.