IT stuff seen during December 2008

List of IT things I’ve seen over the last week* that I like:

Working with Office 2007 from the Command Line
(via Another day in the Office)

Tracking down a bug in VB6 that only shows in the compiled EXE and not from inside the IDE – Use OutputDebugString
(via Goto 100 – Development with Visual Basic)

Green IT and adding up the numbers
(via James O’Neill’s blog)

2 real case studies for lower power consumption
(via Little Miss Enviro Geek)

Cool Trick- Making Miniature Calendars
(via Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog)

Shimming Applications on Windows Vista 64-Bit
(via Chris Jackson’s Semantic Consonance)

Setting up Verbose Logging in Windows Mobile and Parsing Logs
(via Is that Windows Mobile in your pocket?)

Protecting Documents with Word 2007
(via JohnR’s TechNet Blog)
… or how to restrict document protection down to document paragraphs.

Filling up Active Directory (AD) with some test data
(via Keith Combs’ Blahg)

* a week in this case might be a bit more flexible, I’ve been clearing out my blogging folder 🙂