Travelling to the United States of America after 11th January 2009?
Then you need to fill in an electronic Visa Waiver application here
Reference: STA Authorization Required for All Visa Waiver Program Countries Beginning January 12

The Day I Shot Myself Down
From the Ejection Site, the story of the F-14 pilot who shot himself down with a AIM-7 Sparrow missile.

mind.Depositor Index Card Template
Getting Things Done paper templates

“Booko is a site with a very simple goal – to find the cheapest place to buy books in Australia. This site started out as a personal itch and has slowly grown into a very handy site, slowly adding more shops for comparison and more features to make it easier to use. You can read more about Booko at the Blogo.”

Shopping trolley on board
”What’s the difference between a non-executive director and a shopping trolley? You can fill them both full of grog and shove them around but you can never make a shopping trolley go where you want.”

The Box O’ Truth
Question :”If we engage a bad guy (BG), we will shoot him until he STOPS what ever he is doing that threatens our life.  If he continues to threaten us after being shot, what do we do?
Answer: Shoot him some more.”
The Box O’ Truth is a firearms education site. royalty free stock photography



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