InstallShield Command Line Switches

Special Installation Modes
/a : Administrative installation
/j : Advertise mode
/x : Uninstall mode
/uninst : Uninstall product (Standard projects only)

Silent Installations
/p : Specify password
/r : Record mode (Standard projects only)
/s : Silent mode
/f1 : Specify alternative response file name (Standard projects only)
/f2 : Specify alternative log file name (Standard projects only)

SMS Data
/m : Generate MIF file (Standard projects only)
/m1 : Specify serial number in MIF file (Standard projects only)
/m2 : Specify locale string in MIF file (Standard projects only)

Download and Cache Locations
/ua : Specify URL for InstMsiA.exe
/uw : Specify URL for InstMsiW.exe
/us : Specify URL to ISScript.msi
/um : Specify URL to .msi package
/b : Cache installation locally
Passing Data to the Installation
/v : pass arguments to Msiexec
/z : Pass arguments to CMDLINE variable

/d : Debug InstallScript (Standard projects only)
/verbose : Generate verbose InstallScript engine log file (Standard projects only)

/f : Specify alternative compiled script (Standard projects only)
/L : Setup language
/w : Wait
/SMS : Wait (Standard projects only)

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