Older operating systems, surprisely, cannot read CD’s burnt on new computers.

Customer logs a service call:

We can’t read a CD a supplier sent us.

[psychic troubleshooting on]
“Supplier is using a newer system (ie. Vista) than what you have (ie. Windows 2000 or XP).  Tell the supplier to burn to a more compatible disc format.”
[psychic troubleshooting off]

Isobuster reports UDF version 2.01That reply was not good enough apparently, so I was asked to analyze an actual disk.

Yes, it was a disc written in UDF v2.01, and since the customer has Windows 2000, and Windows 2000 does not support UDF v2.01, they can’t read the disc.

ISObuster told me so.  ISObuster is able to read UDF v2.01 formatted discs on Windows 2000, and that is the solution I gave back to the customer.  Or tell the supplier, who presumably wants to be paid for supply of the CD, to write it in a readable format.


Further reading

UDF at Wikipedia
Has a useful table which lists what operating systems support what UDF formats.

Was the only tool I could find which would allow me to identify the CD disc format.  The registered version will allow you to extract files from the disc.  Even on Windows 2000.

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