Only 20 wires??? Surprise they didn’t put one on my …

Hospital bed Spend a night in hospital.  All very civilised, and so it should be at the cost.  Good thing I have not cancelled my private health insurance yet.

Seems I might have a cause of sleep apnea, with a side order of heart problem.

To test for sleep apnea, you get to stay in hospital overnight.
The process is:

  1. attend the hospital by 8pm.
  2. have a sleep technician wire 20ish wires up to you.
  3. try to sleep.

Word of advice for guys having this done:

  • make sure you have been to the toilet before you are wired up.
  • short hair is easier for the sleep technician to attach the electrodes.
  • if you have lots of body hair, getting the electrodes off will hurt.
  • you don’t need to buy full pajamas, but you do need to wear something.  Boxer shorts are fine.
  • You should cut your toe nails as well, as you’ll get a couple of electrodes on your toes.

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