The mighty Wyse wy-2116i 286 PC, the one without the LCD. The Wyse 286 PC (model WY-2108 for the curious) used to have an LCD display on the front panel.  You could write messages to it using a MS-DOS based utility.  In theory, you could use it to display messages when something failed.  But, I always wondered, how could you do that when something failed?

No, I don’t know either.

Some junior computer operators, who should have known better, used to write *naughty* words, which would greatly annoy Kathy the Supervisor.

PicoLCD 4x20 LCD Display The PicoLCD display, I fear, is headed for the same fate.  I’m yet to be convinced of it’s usefulness.  If it had a Linux driver, it WOULD be useful for my proxy box.

But if I had one right now, it would sit with the other 7 crap IT products I shouldn’t have brought, as the Linux support is poor.

The Wyse PC picture is courtesy of Mike’s Computer Museum and it is a Wyse WY-2116i PC
(looks the same as the WY-2108, except for the LCD panel).

Our Wyse 286, when not displaying *naughty* words, was used for creating system availability reports, with the MultiMate word processor.

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