Back on the 16th December, I mentioned that I use the WordPress Mobile Edition Plugin.  Here are the three reasons why.

This is one of those times where small is good.  The Standard version of is 190kb.
The WordPress Mobile Edition is 6kb.
A 3000% difference!  Or to put it another way, the Standard version is 30 times larger than the Mobile version.  This smaller size means less mobile data charges.

Some individual page measurements:

url WordPress Mobile Edition Standard WordPress
Customers like to (re)use the methods of the support team … 18kb 29kb
21 Things to do when quitting work 13kb 21kb
How to use VLOOKUP on Microsoft Excel 12kb 22kb
Operating ROBBAS 8kb 16kb
8 WordPress Plugins 14kb 22kb

Speed pages load much quicker, as they are smaller.

On a Mobile phone, I prefer it over the mess of the page that Windows Mobile Internet Explorer, and BlackBerry Browser make of the page.

Standard version compared to WordPress Mobile Edition
Standard version of this blog in Windows Mobile Internet Explorer. vs. WordPress Mobile Edition of this blog in Windows Mobile Internet Explorer

“What about Opera Mini?”, I hear you cry.

Opera Mini does a superb job of rendering the page, but because of speed and size (think mobile data charges), I prefer the WordPress Mobile Edition version.

You can download WordPress Mobile Edition here.

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