windows 7 under construction Been using Windows 7 for the last week.  Ever since I saw a series of Windows 7 posts over at Kevin Remde’s blog.

First impressions?  It’s a refined Vista.  It’s a lot more production ready in comparison to the Vista Betas I was beta testing back in 2006.

Now some people will tell you that Windows 7 is missing features, but I’ve not seen that.

EXCEPT FOR WMDC, Windows Mobile Device Center.  The replacement, Sync Center, doesn’t work either.

The WMDC team has past form for this.  An (almost working) WMDC for Windows Vista shipped after Vista was RTM’d.  It is a shame that an otherwise great Windows 7 experience has been spoilt by those WMDC team punks (Mel Sampat etc.).

I was greatly annoyed then, and I’m greatly annoyed now.

Update: the folks over at Xda-developers have the solution, un-install and re-install.

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