The Australian’s sports writer Chip Le Grand sent the following blistering email to everyone in the sports department after two paragraphs were added to his column:

From: LeGrand, Chip
Sent: Monday, 20 January 2003 2:17
To: aussport
Subject:chip and charge

To all in sundry and particularly, the person responsible for adding two paragraphs to the end of the chip and charge column:
If anyone has suggestions for my column, they would be dearly appreciated. If anyone subbing my column has a query or would like to suggest a change, I’d love to hear it.

Otherwise, it is not the prerogative of anyone working on the sports desk to unilaterally add editorial content — in this case the final two paragraphs — without first raising the matter with me.

This is not some kind of creative writing workshop where anyone in the office who happens to pick up the story (or to have watched some tennis onĀ  TV) can add their 20 cents worth. The column has my name on it, my face on it, and I’ll be f*cked if I’m going to sit down here and let some f*cking bozo add their own thoughts, moronic or otherwise, to what I have written.

“Lift your game, Seven.” Says f*cking who? Not me. Because if I had said it, I would have found a more interesting way to say it than in such a third-rate, chest-thumping manner. I’m surprised it didn’t finish with an explanation f*cking mark!

“And while we’re having a go at Seven…” Who the f*ck is we? This is not a co-authorship. I write it, you sub it, and try not to f*ck it up. Otherwise you can get on a plane to Melbourne, spend 10 hours a day in the tennis media centre and write the damn thing yourselves.

I don’t want to know who did it. I couldn’t give a rats a*se. Just don’t do it again.

Chip Le Grand

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