Free GPS Street Mapping software

Google-Maps-Starting-Up Google Maps.

Heck, I’m impressed with it.

  • It’s free (apart from the mobile data charges)
  • It’s accurate
  • It does travel routing (but not “turn-by-turn” 🙁 )
  • It can download Google Street Maps images

But even if you don’t have GPS, Google Maps will determine your location via cell / mobile phone towers.

I was inside a building when I snapped this screenshot, and Google Maps displayed “Your location is accurate to within 600 metres”
In GPS mode, Google Maps is accurate down to 3 metres.

Travel routing:
Google Maps - Collingwood to Flinders St - Directions Google Maps - Collingwood to Flinders St - Map path

And the destination was Flinders Street Station (with Street View):
Google Maps - Flinders St Station - Small Street View Google Maps - Flinders St Station - Large Street View

You can get Google Maps here.

A reminder, you may incur data charges from your cell phone carrier.

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