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Subject: Re: M16 similarities re. Iraq & VN
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Chopper wrote in message …
>Ok, I’m sure I’m going to reveal some ignorance here, but does the 5.56 do
>as well as the 7.62 at 500m even under windy conditions?

Which bullet and what do you want it to do?

Comparing typical Ball ammo in a 10kt full value wind at 500m, the 5.56mm 62gr M855 will drift approx 49in vs 28in for the 7.62mm 147gr M80 Ball.

Match bullets which are heaver and have better QC do better with 27in of drift for the .223 80gr Sierra MatchKing vs 22in for the .308 175gr MatchKing.  The problem is the 80gr need to be seated so long the round won’t fit into the magazine.

But what’s more telling is the fact that at 500m the M855 has approx 250ft/lb of energy compared to 975ft/lb for the M80.  To put it another way, the M855 has less energy at 500m than a typical 124gr 9mm pistol round has at 100yd (265ft/lb).

For punching holes in paper at mid to long ranges, one bullet at a time, the 5.56 does fine.  In the stylized form of shooting done on a highpower firing line it does superb.

However, if you’re involved in more serious social interacting with people who hold views which differ radically from yours, at 500m the 7.62 makes for a more convincing argument.

– originally saw this in a usenet group, back in December 2003.

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