“Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims”

Here’s a hot flash for you.  If you move a PC with a spinning CD/DVD in it, it’s going to scratch.  That’s because the CD/DVD rides on a cushion of air.1

I scratched up a Windows install disc back in 1998 forgetting this, while helping Mary Webb.  Should have listened to Mary, she did warn me as I started to shift the PC.

Laptop’s have a spindle which you push the CD/DVD down onto.  Move a laptop around as much as you want.  Within reason, don’t forget that your hard drive is spinning around as well.2

1 – this is a simple explanation.
2 – better quality laptops have “motion detection” software, which stops your hard drive when your laptop is bumped.  Such as the Lenovo ThinkPad range.