21 programs I always install on my work PC

Update: A new version of this article can be found here, “Programs I always install on my work PC“.

People ask, what do you use to support your customers.  Well here’s the rundown.  I’m surprised myself, didn’t think it was that many!

Adobe Flash
Everything on the web seems to be Flash based now.

Beyond Compare
Used for comparing files and directories to see what is different.

CD Burner XP
A freeware CD/DVD burner which is really good.

Cool Timer
A countdown timer program which I use to remind me to check things at intervals.

File and disk deleting software.  I talked about it in Deleting files so they can’t be recovered

Firefox Browser
I have to run Internet Explorer 6 on my work computer, so I use Firefox for it’s tabbed browsing.
Why IE6?, well see my post: Whirlpool no longer supports Internet Explorer 6

Google Desktop
260,000+ support documents, and a boss who asks “What is this phone number?”
Google Desktop Search makes it easy to retrieve that information quick.

It’s the password manager I use for “semi-work” websites, such as support forums.
When I logged an issue with LastPass, I had a reply within 12 hours.

Oscar’s Multi-Monitor taskbar
If you have more than one monitor, MMtaskbar makes it easier to shift programs from one screen to another.

A free image and photo editor for Windows.  Used to use PaintShop Pro, which is not-free.
Works on Windows XP and later.

Password Manager XP
It’s the password manager I use for work related passwords.

Pocket Controller Pro
Windows Mobile PDA remote controlling.  I talked about it in: Pocket Professional Pro – I’m impressed

PrimalScript 2007
The best VBscript editor and debugger I have ever used.

Printkey v5.10
Great simple screen capture utility.  Even works with Windows 7, and multiple monitors.

Takes a screenshot of your screen every x seconds.  As I have to fill in a timesheet, it helps me to remember what things I’ve done during the day.  The product itself can do a bundle more than what I use it for.

A freeware alternative to PGP Disk.  TrueCrypt is a disk encryption program, which I use to secure USB memory sticks , and my portable hard disk, with.

Sun Java
Like Adobe Flash, everything seems Java based as well.

It’s backup software.  I use it to keep my portable hard drive synced my work computer.  I could use SyncToy, which is free, but Sync BackSE has more features.

Systems Management Server 2003 Toolkit 2
I work with SMS servers …

ThinkingRock GTD
A Getting Things Done tracker.

Windows Grep- Grep for Windows
A text file search tool.  Very handy for searching log files quickly.

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