Productivity Meter Tracks Your Computer Usage (Lifehacker Australia)

Windows only: Productivity Meter is a time tracking tool from Fruitful Time, makers of the task manager we reviewed earlier this year.

Once installed the software sits in the background and keeps tabs on your activity. Productivity Meter tracks the active versus idle time, how your active time is split among applications, which applications were used the most, and which websites you browsed and for how long.

When Organisations Implement Something that Makes Sense (and even better when its yours)

… So enough suspense…what I am talking about is “proximity printing” which basically means that once you send a document to be printed from your PC, it wont print until you have swiped your card (in our case just our standard RAS access cards) against one of the additional new swipe machines that have appeared next to the printers. The best part of this is that you can swipe your card wherever you are – be it another building or even another office and that document will print out there and then …

The dot before the Net – IE8- Web Slices – Keep yourself updated!

… With the IE 8 web slices feature, your web site customers can now subscribe to parts of the web page which they would want to get updated about. Areas within a particular webpage can be marked as a web slice by the web developers when creating the sites. …

The Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services Resource Kit is now available! (Terminal Services Team Blog)

Craig Swartz on Microsoft – Micromanaging Macro Movement

As firms have been migrating from Office2003 to Office2007, the queston of what to do about the macros comes up. This is especially true as the limitation of rows was addressed by adding more character headings to the columns, which might have also been a name range before.

To solve this, a company called convertertechnology has a tool which inspects Macros …

I remember this company, convertertechnology.  We tried to get them to do some Microsoft Access 97 conversion work for us, after Microsoft recommended them.  The response from convertertechnology, “only 2000 desktops, too small for us to be interested.”

My Passion My Windows – New Feature, Active directory recycle bin

With the AD recycle bin, one would be able to recover any accidentally deleted objects just by running a command. When you enable Active Directory Recycle Bin, all link-valued and non-link-valued attributes of the deleted Active Directory objects are preserved, and the objects are restored in their entirety to the same consistent logical state that they were in immediately before deletion. For example, restored user accounts automatically regain all group memberships and corresponding access rights that they had immediately before deletion, within and across the domains. …

Something the NT Government could have used when a disgruntled former employee deleted the identities of more than 10,000 public servants and shutting down the entire system.

Where did my disk space go ? [very long directory names, system directories, symbolink and other hard links …], meet xdir.exe

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