Corsair – Flash Padlock
Corsair Flash Padlock USB stick with a difference.  You need to enter a PIN before you can access your data.
Might be very useful with Bitlocker.

… would seem to be the better choice for corporate environments.

Microsoft releases SyncToy 2.0
SyncToy is a program which helps you keep files on multiple computers.

The Dog House Bakery – Richmond, Tasmania

Silver Surfer Guide
”Silver Surfer Guide is a website dedicated to those users who are new to computers. Lesson based this site is suitable for both young and not so young; for those who simply want to learn how their computer works or just want a refresher course.”
”If you spend your entire day staring into the pit of an eye-burning LCD, free application F.lux may be right up your alley. This free utility adjusts the glow of your monitor—both the brightness and tint—based on the time of day, dimming your monitor later into the evening and tinting the screen colour based on the kind of lighting you employ.”

Procrastination Killer
”Windows only: Software developer Elie really digs Merlin Mann’s (10+2)*5 dash, which breaks hours into 10-minute bursts of plugging away at one thing with two-minute breaks. Elie’s Procrastination Killer app helps you time and controls those dashes.” – via LifeHacker

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