P&O Oceana - Deck view “Ring a ding-a-ling”

Is the BlackBerry server functioning?

Yes it is.

Two hours later, the Helpdesk calls

We’ve got a BlackBerry user on a cruise ship in Antigua, and they are complaining they can’t use their corporate BlackBerry.  Can’t use emails or make calls.

Gee I wish I had that problem of being on the cruise ship, without a working work phone.

Now you might wonder
”If they don’t have a working BlackBerry, how’d they manage to lodge a Helpdesk call?”

They borrowed someone’s computer and used a Hotmail account.

They’re not much we can do, the phone carrier, Telstra in this case, don’t support BlackBerry’s in Antigua.
Sent the customer some instructions on what countries are covered, and how to configure 802.11 wireless.

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