Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Card Skimming photos

There has been a bit of exposure in the news recently, of Automatic Teller Machine fraud.  Aka Card Skimming and PIN capturing.  Up to 1,000,000 dollars has been obtained by the crooks in Melbourne.  Card Skimming is where criminals copy the magnetic stripe off your card, and make a duplicate card.

Now I know a bit about ATM’s, having worked with them for a couple of years, but the sheer cleverness of some of the devices amaze me.

Here are some photo’s of ATM fraud methods I was sent.

Card skimmer, which sits over the exist card slot of the ATM:

Normal ATM vs Skimmer fitted ATM

atm-normal atm-skimmer-fitted

A PIN Capturing device.  Yes it’ is a mobile phone being used as a camera.
pin-capturing-device-front pin-capturing-device

Spot the camera:
spot-the-camera pin-camera-revealed

And the other way the bad guys can capture your PIN number?
Place a keyboard over the existing ATM keyboard:

So what can you do as a customer?

Very little.  If you regularly use a particular ATM, and notice something has changed.  It may be a card skimmer.  Or may not.  Contact your bank and ask.

Update: Snopes: ATM Camera