And there was a drunk man on there.

I was on an aeroplane in the East some years ago and the man sitting across the aisle from me, was the Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina,  John Belk.  Some of you would properly know him.

And there was a drunk man on there.  And he got up out of his seat two or three times, and he was making everyone upset by what he was trying to do, he was slapping the stewardess, and pinching her as she went by.

And everybody was upset with him.  Finally John Belk said,
"Do you know who’s sitting here?"

And the man said, ‘Noooo, who?’

He (John Belk) said “It’s Billy Graham, the preacher.”

He said, ‘You don’t say?’
And he turned to me, and said ‘Put it there.’
He said, ‘Your sermons have certainly helped me."

Billy Graham speaking at TED, on the Technology Faith and Suffering

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