“Guess I’m buying my own FIGJAM mug then.”

“FIGJAM, what’s that?”, asks my significant other.

Oh, just an industry acronym.

I’ve worked so long in IT, that I was trained on the 7 OSI protocol layers, as part of a job requirement.  I don’t think people learn it these days, unless you’re doing your Cisco CCIE certification.

Anyhow, there is now an 8th layer, as in “It’s a Layer 8 issue”.  The 8th layer is the person who is causing the ID10T error, all because they have not RTFM’d.

Now IT users are funny beasts.  Often when we see a problem reported though to us, it’s not stated clearly.

“It doesn’t work”

… or in one recent case “My computer is slow”, actually was “I am not able to read emails on my BlackBerry.”

That’ll be because Chucky, you don’t have a BlackBerry Service with us.  “Would Sir like us to arrange one?”

The legendary Roger Forsey* tells the story of the bloke who wanders into a hardware store,

“I want a drill.”
’What kind would you like Sir?’
”I don’t know, I just want a drill.”

The customer actually needs to make a hole in something.  Whether he actually wants a drill to do this, is unknown.

* – The sharpest Active Directory bloke I know.  Some of the Department of Civil Aviation stories he tells are hilarious.

FIGJAM F$^& I’m Good, Just Ask Me
Layer 8 The person sitting at the keyboard.
ID10T Idiot
PEBKAC Problem exists between keyboard and chair
RTFM Read The Friendly Manual
Excessive air gap “There was an excessive air gap between the power cord and the wall socket”
ie. cable not plugged in.
ESU Equipment Superior to User
MOE Massive Operator Error

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