Seagate FreeAgent Go portable drive. … backup drive!

The only people who are really concerned about backups are those people who have lost information.  Everybody else doesn’t give it a moments thought.

My backup plan consists of:

  1. offsite CD’s/DVD’s
  2. small portable hard drives
  3. this blog.

“What do you mean, this blog?”  I hear you ask.

Technical articles/notes/quotations, stuff I refer to when I need them.  Such as 24 Screen Capture Utilities.

Why Offsite CD’s/DVD’s???
The house burns down, at least I have something to recover from.  If I leave them in the house, they’ll melt.

BumBag Small portable hard drives?
Sometimes I need to refer to personal documents at work.  So I carry a small portable drive.  I’ve found, that if I use a large portable drive, I don’t carry it.  A small portable drive is small enough to fit in a bum bag.

“What backup program do you use?”
And the backup program I use?  SyncBackSE by 2BrightSparks.  Sure, there are others, but SyncBackSE does the job.

“But what if you lose a CD/DVD/Portable drive?”
All encrypted with TrueCrypt.

“What backup drive you use?”
Seagate FreeAgent Go.  I was really impressed with the build quality of my last FreeAgent Classic drive.

Update 21st August:
Now that I have opened the FreeAgent Go drive case up, I found the build quality of the FreeAgent Go cheap.  And I would not recommend it to you.

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