Deleting old keys on Smart Card (Dmitrii blog)

xyzzyXyzzy is a pronounceable password generator …

What is this funny SID on my file? (Jeff Hamblin Core Security Blog)
”… That SID is a logon SID.  This SID changes per logon session.  If you log on you will have a random logon SID.  This is typically used for securing ephemeral objects, like the desktop, your process objects, etc.  Log off and log back on and you will have a new logon SID in your token.  The implication here is that objects which persist should not be ACLed with the logon SID.  If a file is ACLed for the logon SID, then access will not be granted after a logoff / logon: the file’s creator will no longer have the same logon SID. …”

Understanding Distributed File System Replication Debug Logging (Ask the Directory Services Team)
”Today begins a 21-part series on using the DFSR debug logs to further your understanding of Distributed File System Replication. While there are specific troubleshooting scenarios that will be covered, the most important part of understanding any products logging is making sure you are comfortable with it before you have errors. That way you have some point of reference if things go wrong.”

BMW Airhead Boxer page
r80 ”BMW have made air-cooled twins since the dawn of time. There have been model designation changes over the years, but the basic layout and style of the bike has not changed. Typical is the author’s R80/7 shown – an 800cc twin produced from the late 70s to mid 80s.”

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