One thing I have noticed is that the shelf-life of a Ralph modem seems rather limited.
So, for your consideration, this is a screenshot from an “inappropriate software report”.

Now, in the interests of research folks, I’ve googled those names, and I’ve come up with Zilch.  Nada.  Nothing.


Conclusion: being a Ralph model leads to a short shelf life as a model.

“Why is the Ralph screensaver” on an ‘inappropriate software’ report?”, you might ask.

Well some organisations take a dim view of photos of scantily clad men/women in the workplace, and therefore ask for software asset reports.

Behaviour that is unwelcome and offensive and that makes the person feel distressed, humiliated, or persecuted.  Includes, public displays of pornography, bullying, derogatory jokes or comments

So they ban inappropriate software & images.

And subject their staff to disciplinary proceedings.

Proofing that people don’t learn, almost five years later, the Ralph screensaver still shows up in reports.

Me?  I just wish I had a copy of the Australian Motorcycle News “Susie”* motorcycle poster.
That was sure one fine ZXR750R race bike.

* Sue Ellen Underwood, former Penthouse Pet.  The poster was widely known as the “Susie” poster.