Note: I wrote this in March 2007, but didn’t publish it at the time.  As far as I know “Leo” is still working for my previous employer.  There was a price in saving Leo.

The day started at 6am, with me speaking with a USA based co-worker.
The day finished at 9pm with me speaking with a UK-based co-worker.

I love working for a Global IT company, NOT.

I do have a couple of work practices that I try and live by:

  • always try and have a “win” on Fridays.
  • avoid those people who schedule meetings on Friday afternoons, they are a waste of space
  • OA5, which was something I picked up from a Dilbert book.
    Out at 5, where all staff should be out the door, and on the way home to their families.
  • POETS day is Friday.
  • Never give bad news on a Friday.

So when my boss rang Friday and said “We can’t afford Leo anymore, we need to let him go”, I was p*ssed.

Leo is one of the nicest guys I’ve worked with. He’s a fine, righteous gentleman who’s nearing retirement. A quiet achiever.

“Bugger that”, I thought.

After having a think about George, I suggested that it would be poor form to sack Leo, as he’s:

  • one of us, and we should look after our own.
  • working on a sledload of customer issues.
  • we recently gave him an award for outstanding customer service.

Boss advises today (Tuesday) that Leo has been saved.

I’m happy, (but it’s not a Friday.)

And there will be a price to pay for saving him, I wonder what it will be.