Dell logo When non-IT people ask me what they should buy, I say Dell.  They are hassle free and reliable.  My last personal Dell computer lasted me 5 years.

They are not the cheapest computers you can buy.  You can buy “no name” “white box” PCs.  But “white box” PCs are often they are made of unreliable/short-life components.

But wait! There is a way to get cheap Dell computers, often with a full warranty.  And you can do this by visiting the “Dell Outlet” sites.  Where they offer Refurbished (aka “Scratch & Dent” ) or Pre-configured systems.

The Dell Outlet websites can be found here:
Australia – Dell Outlet
USA – Dell Outlet
United Kingdom – Dell Outlet

“White box?” – generic PCs built by computer shops.  As it a competitive market, computer shops compete on price, often at the expense of reliability.

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