WarningSign electrical component which reduces the flow of electrical current.

Plain old wire has a built-in resistance, which is why gold is preferred for some wiring applications.  Darn expensive though.

If you think the world has problems with thieves taking the copper from overhead electrical wires, and telephone cables; think what would happen if gold was used!  Not that we can afford gold wiring in the State of Victoria, where a transport ticketing system project has proven more expensive than landing a rover on the surface of Mars.  And where a “”new”” rail line is going to cost $108,300,000 per kilometre.

Once heard a story about an electrician working down a mine, who needed a replacement resistor.  Not having one handy, and realising it would take time to get back to the surface to get one, grabbed a coil of wire.  And used that instead.

Urban myth???

Maybe, but electric fencing wire is advertised with a resistance rating, so the story could be true.

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