NEPOTISM Sometimes an organisation asks for full and frank questions, but when they see questions, they don’t really want them asked.

Such as it was with a re-organisation of a government department.  It went something like this.

Peter was appointed as  BigEd CEO.  Peter was picked on his ability to toady up to politicians, and stab his colleagues in the back.  Or so it seemed to the staff he left in his wreakage.

Peter had a brother, Vic.  Vic wasn’t much good at what he did, so he was in a dead-end job.  The rumour was that Peter was going to appoint Vic as Chief Information Officer.

So that begged the all-staff meeting question:

Any truth that the Chief Information Officer role has already been filled, even before applications close???

‘No, no, no’, was the denial.

A week later, Vic was appointed.

anonymous-questions-box Proving that everything goes around in a circle, the “Anonymous questions box” appeared today at work.  I wonder if any of those questions will be filtered by our management gets to answer them.  Think I might ask the following:

  1. Have any of these anonymous questions been removed?
  2. What does it say about the organisation, when we need an anonymous questions box?
  3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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