I’m not the only one annoyed with HP’s UPD print driver.

A month ago Nitin Kohli commented:

HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) works very well with Novell.
Please fidn the info on Novell Support site.
Hope this will helps to all, who have issues with HP UPD on Novell environemnt.

No, it does not.  Let’s look at that Novell article I linked to in my blog post, and the same one you quoted back to me:

Does iPrint work with HP’s Universal Printer Drivers?

… While the functionality with the UPD and the iPrint Client 5.12 is better, there continues to be some limitations.  The ability to configure a UPD with iPrint’s Printer Driver Profile (PDP) feature will require drastic changes in the PDP creation process.   These changes have not been implemented yet.

iPrint cannot present the correct printer driver options to the administrator to configure the PDP when the driver is universal.  One consideration Novell is investigating is to change the PDP creation process to prompt the administrator to provide the IP address of the printer so the universal driver can present the appropriate configurable driver features specific to that printer model to the administrator. …

HP CP6015 Color Laserjet - still in the packaging crate“These changes have not been implemented yet”.

No, that’s because they are in UPD 5.0, which is due for release late June..

The situation we have at the moment, is that we can’t purchase and install new HP printers because of the UPD 5.0 requirement.
Even with iPrint 5.12 and UPD 5.0, we will still need to change our iPrint settings so we can have the privilege of using new HP printers.

How long have we been waiting?

Since February (UPD 4.7.2 release didn’t work for us), IF we’re being kind to HP.
JULY 2008 if we’re being bloody honest about it.

Seems I’m not the only person upset with HP.

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