Heroic alternatives.

Vadar the Action Dog One of our dogs is wearing out, due to old age.

He’s 14.

He’s developed a bit of a cough, so he’s been off to the vet.

First, the vet thought “enlarged heart, let’s get an x-ray”.

X-ray came back, no, heart looks normal, but “we’ll try him on some heart medicine in any case.”

No difference in cough, or behaviour.

So back to the vet.

“Well since you don’t want to consider heroic measures … “

Heroic measures.

The first time I heard about heroic measures was in a (fictional) book titled “Goshawk Squadron”, by Derek Robinson.  One of the characters was talking about using an axe to remove a patient’s limbs on the battlefield.  It was that, or the patient dying.  Heroic measures.

Strange to hear a vet say that.  And as soon as I heard that, I thought “No, we’ll be letting the dog enjoy his old age while he can.”

update: for the curious, the tablets were Vetmedin & Flusapex.

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