gallery-pre-13 It’s been a week since the Palm Pre was released in the USA.

The reviews on the first day were glowing.

By tech journalists.  Who I generally distrust, as they haven’t met a free lunch, or product, they have not liked.
Heck we just need to look at the reviews of the BlackBerry Storm (over-hyped) and HTC Touch Diamond (slow, freezes) , to see glowing reviews of horrible products.

Oh, I understand the pressures of a working journalist.  “Would Sir like the 1962 Grange, or the Kopi Luwak?”

So, we arrive at the Palm Pre.  It’s been a week, what have the average users out there found wrong with the Pre?

  • Sluggish at times
  • Keyboard too small
  • Battery life poor
  • Camera does not record video

I think these flaws will be sorted out at the next major Pre software upgrade.  But does the Pre have a future?

Ultimately no.

Apple announced an update to the iPhone last week, the 3GS.  With claimed performance increases of “up to twice the performance of the iPhone 3G”, It’s going to kill off Palm Inc.

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