Lotus Notes Mail Exporter – writing into Outlook looks hard.

Outlook 2007 Programming - ISBN 0470049944Which is why I purchased the Outlook 2007 Programming book.

To import messages into Outlook, what I need to do is set the Outlook Sender field to something other than “me”.

Why?  Well I’m trying to import messages from Lotus Notes, and I want to copy the Lotus Notes “From” field into the Outlook “From” field (aka Sender).

Unfortunately, the Outlook Object Model only has this Sender field as ReadOnly.

Searching around the web hasn’t helped, but looking at the Amazon “Look Inside” view of this book, it looks like there is a couple of other things I can try.

My fallback position is that I could write all the messages out into a Eudora format (mbox), and have the user import the messages into Outlook that way.

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