From Microsoft, February 2007:

Distribution Point
You must plan for the appropriate number and placement of distribution points. This kind of planning is basically the same as you would do for any other deployment of SMS packages. However, there are some considerations specific to Operating System Deployment.

Consider the number of computers that can be deployed at one time from a given distribution point. The processing speed and disk I/O of the distribution point must be considered along with the available bandwidth on the network, and the effect that the size of the image package will be on those resources.

For example, on a 100Mb Ethernet network, if no other server resource factors are considered, the maximum number of computers that can process a 2GB image package in one hour would be 23.

1 Megabit transfers 8 Megabytes of data
100 Megabits/sec = 12.5 Megabytes/sec = 750 Megabytes/min = 45 Gigabytes/hour= 23 images @ 2GB per image.

In reality, the number might be far less. So it you need to be able to deploy a specific number of computers within a specific time frame, you will need to distribute the image package to an appropriate number of distribution points, and use SMS features such as protected distribution points and branch distribution points to ensure that the appropriate destination computers receive the image.

Planning ConfigMgr Site Systems for Operating System Deployment

Yes, I know the weblink states ConfigMgr.  Microsoft has a habit of revising content when they release new products.
This Microsoft advice applies to SMS 2003, and SCCM when doing Unicast transfers.

Real world?
50 PCs per night per site.

If you used mulitcast, with either Ghost Solution Suite, or Microsoft SCCM/WDS; you could do as many as you can support the next day.
Heck, I know of a 250 PC deployments a night project.  They could have done more, but the customer said no.

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