Lanier c2800 & c5000 colour photocopiers and printersI expect that, when a fault is logged though to me to investigate, that some troubleshooting has been done.

Printer jams.  Vendor technician has thoroughly tested printer.  I think it’s a driver problem.”

And that was it.  No other details.

What did they mean by ““Printer jams?””.

Is it physically jamming?

I’m never seen a printer driver cause that.  Perhaps it’s stopping mid-print.  ie. stopping at page 10 of a 20 page document.

I bounced the call back, as there was not enough details.

I’ve heard nothing further since.

Physical printer jams are caused by one of four things:

  • Incorrectly loaded paper trays.
    (Lexmark Optra’s were infamous for this.)
  • Non-laser printer paper being used in a laser printer.
  • Paper stuck in the printer’s paper path.
    (this is caused by failing to remove all the paper from a previous jam)
  • Paper not stored in the same environment as the printer, being used.
    Changes in temperature and humidity can cause paper to jam.

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