state-bank-hamburger-logo Banks place a whole lot of responsibility on their tellers, to balance or “slicker” their cash draws at the end of the night.

And pressure.

No one goes home until every dollar is accounted for, or ultimately written off.  Talk about peer pressure.

I worked as a bank teller before I got into the IT game.  One night, over a beer after work, Ashley Brown* was telling the story about how he was $100 short.

“We balanced up, and found the cash draw was $100 short.”
(clearly Ashley overpaid someone, it happens).
As we were going though the receipts, we got a phone call..

‘G’day, I was overpaid $100’

Ashley was overjoyed that the money had been found, and was in the midst of asking the customer when he could return it, when he heard in the background of the telephone call.

‘What the f&*k are you doing.  They don’t know who you are, just hang up.’


* Ashley was a high-flier.  Last I heard of him was that he’d transferred to the bank’s Internal Audit section.  Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s running the place now.

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