The iPhone Enterprise Deployment Guide

hero_iphone_enterprise_06252008 A work colleague, an iPhone user, sent me a link to the "iPhone OS Enterprise Deployment Guide”.

So I had a look at the guide, expecting to see a half-arsed attempt at supporting corporate deployment requirements.

I was wrong.

There is much to like about what Apple has done for corporates.

My favourite three?

Remote wipe.
Lose your iPhone, and we can remote wipe it for you.  I had a customer ask me that very question today about BlackBerries.  “Yes, we are able to wipe your BlackBerry remotely.”

Syncs to Microsoft Exchange.
And supports the password policies: enforce password/maximum number of password attempts (before device wipe)/password complexity.

Configuration profiles. 
My great annoyance with the BlackBerry is that I cannot easily configure each one with the same “look and feel” via a simple policy program.  So I spend 10 minutes each device getting them the way we ship then to customers.

It looks as if I would need to do that only once with the iPhone.


Now to convince the boss to buy me a iPhone 3GS, so I can try it all out.

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