In my inbox this morning…

Enhancing your eService experience…

is a commitment from WXYZ Technical Support to you. Our goal is to continually evolve the content on our Support web site to help you get answers to your questions quickly or solve problems you are having…on-demand…7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Our Technical Support site is designed to deliver solutions to your product related questions. Specifically, the site allows you to search hundreds of known solutions to product questions as well as submit issues to Technical Support. You can also download software patches and documentation and check the status of any cases you have opened with Technical Support.

The Technical Support web site is your solution portal. This site provides a web form that is structured to capture the information we need to begin the problem resolution process. As such, we are requiring that questions/issues for Technical Support be submitted via the website.

This enhanced web-case entry process will allow us to eliminate the use of email as a case submission tool, effective July 20. Phone support provided to our maintenance customers is not impacted by this change.

How will this change benefit you? By submitting a case through the web we can route your issue to the right specialist – immediately. In addition, the structured web form captures the information we need to begin resolving your problem and, you receive an immediate case ID that allows you to monitor and track the resolution progress of your case.

We look forward to continuing to enhance the support experience we provide you.

WXYZ Technical Support

So, they’re removing a way for me to communicate with them, and forcing me to their dubious website.

I’m not a fan of WXYZ.  For the past two years, they have assured us that our yearly license renewal is correct, and when we apply the license file to the server, it isn’t.

I’m not a direct customer of them.  I support a customer who is.  I pity the fools.