Imagine this, a scene in a Government Cyclone Shelter.

“We can’t contact the Emergency Disaster Centre on the radio”

This particular shelter was built to withstand a Category 5+ cyclone.

Government Cyclone Shelter, courtesy of Google Streetview And it looked it.  “Built like brick *cough* outhouse.”

It was as if the designers were given the brief “Make it ugly”.

So they did.

Did you know that radio waves have a hard time going though concrete?  If you do, then you know more that the people who put the radio antenna in.

They put the antenna on the side of the building to protect it from Cyclone debris. The Emergency Disaster Centre was located 5kms away, on the other side of the Government Cyclone Shelter.  The fix was to move the antenna to the correct side of the building.

Cost?  $20,000 I heard.  They had to re-run all the radio cabling.

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