The “Go Bag” – Melbourne’s ‘Duck and Cover’.

We had a building evacuation today, and the discussion turned to the subject of “Go Bags”.

Go Bags were suggested by the Mayor of Melbourne back on the 17th June as “Emergencies can happen without warning and with devastating effect …”

So what do the City of Melbourne recommend for a “Go bag”:

  • a copy of your personal ‘Important Information’ template
  • a bottle of water
  • a torch, AM radio and extra batteries (check the batteries’ shelf life)
  • walking shoes, a jumper and trousers and a lightweight rain coat
  • any other personal items that are critical to you, e.g. an extra cane, spare batteries for hearing aid
  • a roll of toilet paper, tissues, a plastic bag, other personal hygiene supplies;
  • a pen and note pad
  • a phone card
  • first aid and personal medications
  • extra house and car keys
  • a mobile phone if you have one, and a charger.
  • the Elgin Marbles
  • a kitchen sink.

Should be a ruddy suitcase with all that stuff.  (the last two were more of a joke than the others).

When you evacuate your building after a terrorist attack, with your Go Bag, you should go to an Emergency Evacuation Point.  But as Young and Grumpy points out, the AFL might be a problem:

Emergency evacuation points will be the MCG, Etihad Stadium, Melbourne Exhibition Centre and the Melbourne Museum. However, the AFL are disputing that Etihad could be used as an evacuation point and have said that they already have a contractual arrangement to play games at the stadium during a major attack on Melbourne.

My “Go Bag” is an Asics “Bum Bag”.  It’s also my work bag most days.

It contains:

  • backup hard drive (see this post for the why)
  • mobile phone
  • house keys
  • train tickets
  • 4 inch post-it notepad with pens.
  • money