F-18 Hotel Fly Past Windows Vista and Older NFS Servers
Vista, and presumedly Windows 7, won’t map drives on older versions of SCO NFS server.  It’s all about the version of MOUNT protocol Vista supports out of the box (version 3).

Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog

The Deployment Guys: Persisting ConfigMgr Packages during a Task Sequence
”The MDT Task Sequences for System Center Configuration Manager 2007 use a clever technique to download and persist the MDT Files package during each phase of the Task Sequence.  The Use Toolkit Package step uses the ZTISCCM.wsf script to copy the contents of the package to a WDPackage subfolder of the _SMSTaskSequence folder.  The Task Sequencer maintains this folder (the path of which is held in the _SMSTSMDataPath variable) for holding the logs and downloaded package contents.  So the WDPackage folder will continue to exist until the next reboot.  MDT places the path to the WDPackage folder in the DeployRoot variable.

Doing this prevents repeated download of the MDT Files every time the execution of an MDT script is needed.  My customer wanted to be able to used the same technique for their custom scripts.  They maintain a package of custom scripts so that they are not mixed in with the MDT scripts.  This will allow them to update/replace the MDT Files package as needed without having to worry about their custom scripts.

UserEnv Debugging Line by Line
”There aren’t a lot of documents on the Internet about how to interpret UserEnv debugging logs.  I’ll admit that I do not have a dictionary for every single line that anyone could possibly see in a UserEnv log.  This blog is an attempt to decipher the UserEnv log line by line.  There are some lines that have been removed because of redundancy. …“

Great Windows Mobile (Developer) Information

Scripting WMI Namespace Security (part 1 of 3)
”Under most circumstances, you would never need to change WMI namespace security.  The default security settings allow authenticated users read access, method execution, and provider write permission.  Members of the Administrators group get full access including remoting.  There may be a scenario where you want a non-admin (could be an application account or machine account) to be able to remote to a specific namespace, or explicitly deny a specific user certain permissions.  …”

How to move WSUS from one server to another (WSUS Support Team Blog)
”Sometimes you may find that it’s necessary to move your WSUS server from one machine to another.  If this is you then here are the steps to get this done:”

Buzz: Getting VLAN Trunking working with Hyper-V
”A few months ago I was scrambling around trying to locate documentation on this feature called “VLAN” trunking.  You see, we had this environment that we did our engineering testing in that consisted of multiple VLANs all serving various purposes and we needed an efficient way to get VMs on the network and communicating with ease.  The key was simple – which the implementation we were using meant that for each host to have connectivity across multiple VLANs we had to have multiple NICs in the hosts.  This isn’t a problem if you have 2 VLANs, but it gets a bit tricky if you have 12.”

How to open a new instance of Excel 2007 workbooks
”If you work with Excel a lot, you’ve probably noticed that each workbook you open doesn’t create a new instance of Excel. There are not several tabs for Excel in your taskbar like for Internet Explorer or other programs.”

Terry Zink’s Anti-spam Blog – Protecting your mail from the scum of the internet

Linux likes Webcams, sort of

Keeping An Eye On USMT Progress
“I recently did a project where all users had around 25Gb (don’t ask!) of data that had to be migrated with the USMT during the OS deployment.  Because of the sheer volume of data, the USMT phases of the project took an extremely long time to complete, and because no on-screen feedback is given of the progress, the customer would often think that something had hung, so they often cancelled the deployment; only to find that it was indeed running correctly.  In order to stop them doing this, I wrote a very simple VBS script that showed the current progress of the USMT.  It works by simply parsing the progress file, looking for the percentage progress of the process.”

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