3 Windows 7 Features I really like

In addition to my “2 and a bit reasons to wait for Windows 7” post, these are 3 features I really like in Windows 7.

Problem Steps Recorder
User has got a problem that they can’t describe in words?  Get them to record it with the Problem Steps Recorder.
Problem Step Recorder
To run Problem Steps Recorder, enter PSR at the run prompt.

Don’t display empty removable drives
I have one of those 52 in 1 USB Smart Card readers.
52 in 1 usb card readers

Connecting it to a PC, before Windows 7, meant getting all 4 card slots being assigned with drive letters in Explorer.

By default, Windows 7 hides those card slots which are empty (ie. the ones that don’t have a card in them.)

Windows Display Colour Calibration Wizard (DCCW)
Cheaper than using a Spyder for display monitor calibration, DCCW might be good enough for every day users.
Windows Display Colour Calibration
To run DCCW, enter DCCW at the run prompt.