4. The number of times I’ve installed Windows 7 RTM since Saturday.

Windows 7 Ultimate Problems arranged from:

  • Changing from SATA IDE emulation to AHCI on an installed Windows 7, causes Windows 7 to Bluescreen.
    sidenote: can’t boot from my SATA CD-ROM drive when it’s in SATA AHCI mode.
  • SATA AHCI support?  The Windows 7 installer would freeze during the “completing the installation” phase.
    Solution: Set SATA to IDE emulation, run the Windows 7 installation.  At the first reboot, set the BIOS to AHCI.  Windows 7 continues install.
  • Partition sizes incorrect.
  • External drives not being detected.  I’m calling it a Windows “undocumented feature”.

It’s been sweet, once I got past those issues..  Oh, apart from the time it takes for data to be retrieved off my (now working) USB drives.

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