Microsoft SCCM 2007 install

Note: this is a work in progress.

This has been a bit of trial and error, but to setup a standalone Active Directory Forest/Domain and SCCM 2007 Primary Server, on the one box, I did the following.

Installed Windows Server 2008 Standard with SP2

Added the following roles

  • Active Directory Domain Services
    Run DCPromo
  • DNS Server
  • Web Server (IIS)
    with the following roles: Application Development (WebDAV), Security/Windows Application Management

Installed the following features

  • BITS Server Extensions
  • Group Policy Management
  • Remote Differential Compression

Extended the AD Schema (.\SMSSetuo\Bin\I386\EXTADSCH.exe)

Installed SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition RTM, with the Reporting Services role.

Updated it to SQL 2008 SP1 Enterprise

Installed SCCM 2007 R2
how can I configure SCCM 2007 SP1 in Windows Server 2008

Install WebDAV

Installed WSUS 3.0 SP1
– the WSUSSetup.log is useful to assist you when WSUS refuses to install.

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