(very carefully)

Step 0
– read all these instructions before trying this yourself.
In particular, you can probably get away with removing the top cover only.

Step 1
– using a BLUNT object, such as a thin screwdriver, slide it along the gap between the “metal” top and white case “filler”.

(the observant amongst you lot will have noticed the bottom is already removed.  With the benefit of hindsight, I probably didn’t need to do that.)

Step 2
– Pry the case apart.

When taking the top off, be careful of the cable which connects to the drive light.
3-Note the connected wire 4-Opening the case

Step 3
– After removing the top, Lift the drive out of the case, it is just sitting in the white plastic surround.
Be careful with the attached cable.
6-Top removed

Step 4
– Un-screw the screws holding the drive in the drive “cradle”.
7-Drive screws

Step 5
– Once you have undone the screws, you now remove the drive by grasping the end of the drive (see the two red circles on the left), and the drive connector (on the right of the photo, circled).  Now gently pull the drive out of the cradle.
8-Hold here and here

Step 6
– Drive is removed, and you are left with these bits:

Things I learnt:

  • You probably do not need to remove the bottom.
  • The glue holding the pieces together is strong.
  • This is a “cheaper” design than the FreeAgent Classic drive I opened previously, and I don’t like it.
    (Cheap feel / not designed to be re-assembled because of the glue.)

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