Tower Software Logo It’s always the other guy, when something goes wrong.  Trim is a Electronic Document Repository Management program, beloved by large companies.  Records Management types seem to love it, but from an IT support perspective, it’s a dog of a program.  It was created by Tower Software, and was sold to HP in March 2008.

These are some of the Trim issues I’ve dealt with over the years:

Security update breaks Trim?
Tower Software answer:
“Microsoft will need to change their security patch.”

Can’t package Trim installation package to Microsoft standards
Tower Software answer:
“It’s acceptable to copy DLLs to the Windows System32 directory”

Minor version updates
Tower Software answer:
“We don’t use Microsoft Windows Installer MSP technology, you need to reinstall the whole Trim product.”

Not compatible with Office 2007, or the Office 2007 compatibility pack.
HP Support forum answers:
There is a fix in the works, but because this is a limitation with ODMA itself, a Microsoft product, it is very difficult to resolve on our end.”

Normally you will not have the 12.0 structure when only Office 2003 is installed.
But if the 12.0 structure DOES exist, we then assume that Office 2007 is installed and then check to see if the DefaultFormat key exists that I specified in my last post.”

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